Hollywood the growing city

The presence of New Developers is among us in our quaint little city of Hollywood.

Hollywood being the third largest city in Broward county is located on the South Florida Coast between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. It’s proximity to I95 and the Florida Turnpike is also inviting. Currently there is more than $1.65 Billion in Real Estate development now planned or under construction throughout the city. There are key commercial corridors offering additional redevelopment opportunities. A Tri Rail Coastal Link Commuter Rail service in the making that will provide an Urban lifestyle many are seeking. There are visitors from around the world that come to stay along our Historical Broadwalk and our beautiful beaches.  A 2.5-mile pedestrian walkway along the Atlantic is lined with shops and Bistros and accommodations to fit every taste and Budget.  For recreation there are three municipal golf courses, a ten acre urban park filled with activities in the heart of Downtown Hollywood such as concerts, art shows, movie nights and an assortment of classes. Being raised here in Hollywood I have seen many changes through out the years, but I have to say what is going on here now is just the iceberg.

I read a quote from the City of Hollywood about their Mission “The City of Hollywood’s economic development team is committed to implementing a holistic and sustainable economic growth strategy that results in a robust economy and healthy neighborhoods. We are here to help you with:”

  • Confidential Project Management
  • Site Selection
  • Market Research & Data
  • Business Connections
  • Permitting & Regulatory
  • Economic incentives

As you can see this city is getting ready for “The New City of Hollywood” I will keep you updated on the progress and news as I see it develop.

Zillow, Trulia…Your Real Estate Enemies
In today’s technology savvy society, it is only natural that potential homeowners turn to popular sites like, and to search for single family, rental and investment properties. Everyone is familiar with the quote “nothing comes for free,” right? Let’s give these sites a little credit. A prospective buyer or seller will receive free inaccurate, outdated, deceiving information at absolutely zero cost.
Always turn to a licensed real estate professional when making one of the most important purchases in your life. Would you rather make a $350,000 purchase with a person who can physically assess a property, give you accurate listing information, set up a personalized profile with your criteria, and negotiate the best deal for your dollar? Or would you rather throw your hard earned money into cyber space?
One of the biggest misconceptions about not using a real estate professional is you will save money. Contrary to popular belief, it is quite the opposite. Here are a couple examples on how you make more with the help of a professional.
  1. These sites do not know the true value of your home or the homes in you neighborhood.  Does know that you just installed impact windows, remodeled the bathrooms and replaced the roof while your neighbors still have outdated windows and bubblegum pink bathrooms?
  2. Going in with non-representation does not save you anything when purchasing.  A seller’s agent is ultimately being paid by the person/property they represent. They have loyalty to their client and may be limited on helping a buyer. In the end they may receive a full 6 % commission without getting you the best deal.
  3. Finding a property or listing your home online is only the beginning. Time is money. Do you have the time and qualifications to host open houses, deal with contracts, schedule inspections, work with appraisers and coordinate closings?
Consider a real estate agent as your personal “home concierge.” Let the experts do the work. Use your online searching skills to research local realtors. It is important to match yourself with a person you feel comfortable and confident with.

by Jade Weiss, Realtor – Costa Bella Realty Group