Chelsea Hayes

Chelsea Hayes
I recently purchased my first home and it would have likely not happened if it were not for Chelsey. Chelsey was with me every step of the way and made sure I was kept up to date with every detail of the purchase process. Chelsey went above and beyond her duties as my real estate agent and even assisted me in correcting some issues that I was having with my lender. Even though there were many times that the sale almost fell through, Chelsey did not give up and did everything she could to help me correct any problems. She was very knowledgeable of the home purchase process, diligent in resolving any pending issues, and very professional in dealing with the seller’s broker. I may have chosen the house that I wanted to purchase, but Chelsey is the person that made that purchase possible. I would very highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in purchasing a new home, especially if you are a first time buyer!
Nicholas D. Sanchez, Esq.
Supervising Attorney/Office Manager
Estrella Ticket Defense
3750 West Flagler Street
2nd Floor
Miami, Florida 33134
M. E.

We’re absolutely satisfied with Lonna’s handling of the sale of our home.

We chose Lonna because she had sold two homes in our neighborhood in the last year. But never having sold a house ourselves, we had equal amounts of faith and skepticism.

Within a week Lonna had collected three offers, and we knew we’d chosen well.

She answered questions clearly and with authority, not vague, ambiguous or confusing. And Lonna guided more than directed us. She laid out the options and provided useful advice or opinion, but left the decision to us.

Lonna was always on time or early, always kept us informed via cell, text and email.

Everything was going quickly and then circumstances made for a bumpy road. But Lonna was a strong negotiator.

Selling a house is nerve-racking, but we turned it over to her and she handled it beautifully. Thanks Lonna!

BiBi Kahn
Lonna is a highly recommended real estate agent and I personally think she is one of the best in South Florida, if not the best. And I said that because after moving down from up north and looking for a home wasn’t an easy task. She was the 3rd agent I went thru and she clearly made it the last one. Because while others give you a suggestion to suit their taste,and pockets. Lonna will just find the home you have in mind, and I remember that her only suggestions were given when she didn’t think a property was worth my time and investment. I hand out her card as many times as I can, because I don’t want anyone wasting their time looking with the wrong people and in the wrong places.
Cookie Saccenti

Just a few words to tell you of my appreciation for having worked with Lonna Sciarretti Spitaleri. I have known Lonna for over twenty-five years. She is the kindest person; you will ever meet.  I have complete faith in her ability to sell your house and find you a new dream home. I am a previous client so, I speak with satisfaction and delight in her service. Lonna was attentive to all of my needs. She was instrumental in finding me a buyer for my home, and helping me purchase a new home, that was right for me. Lonna paid attention to detail, my budget, and helped me with finding an inspector I could trust. Lonna took me from a seller to a buyer, all with professionalism, and patience. Lonna has gone beyond my expectations, and she will go beyond, yours…

So, thank you and you can be rest assured, that I will highly recommend your services to everyone I know.